Next year’s TFA reunion 

 Williamsburg Jamestown & Yorktown, Virginia

 Weekend of May 4th-6th, 2018


11 Responses to Reunion

  1. Dale, I’m so sorry you and Trudy won’t be there. I would really love to meet you. I guess you’ll just have to send some or all of your beautiful daughters! xo

  2. Dale R. Thrasher says:

    Hello Chere. I have really looked forward to meeting you and exchanging information regarding our Thrasher connection. Perhaps you could visit with us sometime?
    Cheers, Dale T.

  3. Mary Linda Bowden Barefield says:

    Please sign me up for Thrasher Families notification

  4. Charla Gansen says:

    Please sign me up for Thrasher Family notifications. I would love to attend a reunion. John Leonard Thrasher born 1850 died 1937 is my Great-Great Grandpa. I would love to meet other Thrashers.

    • NancyThrasher Cherry says:

      Charla, I have copies of many pictures belonging to Amos Thrasher. Amos was a friend of my father’s. I think he was a son of John Leonard. Would love to chat with you.

  5. Steven Thrasher says:

    After my wife’s name was put in a Northrup Grumman magazine we were contacted and told about this association. I have since lost the letter, but I wanted to reach out and find out how I become more involved.

  6. Carolyn Sirmon says:

    I am one of Lanfert Claudian Thrasher daughters and would like details about the reunion. My Sister, Claudia Pearl Thrasher Wynne and I plan to attend. Please e-mail reunion agenda and lodging information to me. Thank you for sharing this information,

  7. When will more information be available on the 2018 Thrasher reunion? I would like to go.

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